Our Clients Case Studies

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Case Study

Ayur Eggs

Ayur Eggs are a Hyderabad & Bangalore based near organic eggs and chicken suppliers who have an e-store. Ayur Eggs are natural eggs, rich in Omega 3, DHA, Choline, etc & are free from antibiotics, hormones, steroids & toxins. At Sowbhaagya Group, the hens are fed only with a nutritious Ayurvedic (herbal) that enriches every egg laid by the hen, giving its customers the finest and healthiest eggs..

Sports Marketing Case Studies

Top 3 Sports Brands Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is in itself has become the hottest trend. And, it’s no surprise that sports teams and athletes are silently jumping into the bandwagon, putting their all-in. So in this sports marketing case study, we’ve hand-picked top three of such sports teams that used digital marketing strategies to connect with their fans easily and share important news with them through their social media channels…

Event Marketing Case Study

Event Marketing: How To Successfully Promote An Event On Social Media?

Every day, we come across so many events and the reason they’re successful is because event planners expertly create successful and effective event strategies. How well the event does completely depend on planning and execution. The importance of event marketing lies in its milestones and goals to be kept in mind and work backward from there. Event marketing case study gives us an insight into what’s happening at the backend of things….