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Ecommerce Digital Marketing Case Study

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency
Ayur Eggs

Ayur Eggs are a Hyderabad & Bangalore based near organic eggs and chicken suppliers who have an e-store. Ayur Eggs are natural eggs, rich in Omega 3, DHA, Choline, etc & are free from antibiotics, hormones, steroids & toxins. At Sowbhaagya Group, the hens are fed only with a nutritious Ayurvedic (herbal) that enriches every egg laid by the hen, giving its customers the finest and healthiest eggs.


  1. To increase brand awareness of Ayur Egg in Hyderabad & Bangalore.
  2. Increasing the ecommerce conversion by marketing the Ayur Egg Ecommerce store
  3. Reach the target ROAS(Return On Ad Spend) of 4 – ROAS Optimization

Total Ad Budget:

  1. 150000

Plan Of Action:

  1. A Targeting audiences interested in organic food, organic eggs, chicken, etc.
  2. SEO tools to analyze the potential audience.
  3. Perform keyword planning and fix on audience personas.
  4. Created a marketing funnel to narrow down from a wider audience.
  5. Instagram and Insta stories were used to create a brand presence in the target locations and bring in interactions from the customers.
  6. Youtube ads were used to create awareness to bring in new visitors.
  7. Search network ads played a strong part in funnelling in customers showing intent.
  8. Offer ads were used to retarget customers.
  9. SEO friendly blogs were published and shared on the social channels to educate the readers about organic food. The blogs were used only to plug in the brand and not preach about it.


  1. The ROAS growth was 0.60 in Mar’18 To 4.20 in July’18.
  2. We were able to bring in an increased rate of new visitors from SEO and the Videos Ads as well.
  3. The analytics reports were able to let us tweak our campaigns and eventually work on gaining more new visitors. We started of with gaining more new visitors and then eventually worked to getting the ROAS up.
  4. Ayur Egg also launched some new products along the journey, Free Range Eggs & Desi Eggs. We ran campaigns to bring in curiosity of the product before it’s launch.
  5. Regular contests on social media work wonder to bring in the engagement, offers/hampers were given to the winners. This played a major role in increasing the brand presence.
  6. A community of fans & followers of 14K has been created. Ayur egg came to us with 5000 followers in Mar’18.
  7. Ayur egg was able to build a good customer base of loyal followers and returning visitors to convert. They are now planning to launch into other states as well.

Social Media Campaigns & Contests:

1. Launch Post For Ayur Free-Range: The launch post for Ayur’s new product “Free-Range Eggs” was both creative and minimalistic hence it gained a lot of traction. It evokes the curiosity of the audience which helped a lot in terms of increasing e-commerce conversion.

Social Media Company

2. Are You Eating Eggs Or Drugs: The Hashtag saw a lot of traction and was popular in weeks? So many creatives that focused on this hashtag were created to instill the brand in the audience’s mind.

social media post

3. Guess The Best Seller: The very recent addition to the album of contests that had a great response and created a lot of engagement organically. Reacting and guessing the best-seller created great audience engagement which also helped in the brand awareness and product placement.

social media contest

4. We Love Ayur Eggs: The contest targeted Ayur users, asking them to send a video review of why they love Ayur Eggs. It saw a lot of organic traction with the customers submitting their own videos under the Hashtag “#WeLoveAyurEggs”. This also served as a cost-efficient video marketing campaign.

Facebook contest

5. Ayur Eggs Vs Temptation: The campaign had a total of 4 creatives that explained how Ayur eggs were better than packed, preservative-filled junk food. It created a great traction among foodies and health-conscious eaters. It lead them all directly to the e-store of Ayur Eggs.

social media marketing

The Engagement Factor:

ecommerce Case study

Ayur Vs Other Eggs:

creative facebook posts

Product Launch:

Product Launch Post

Targeted Audiences:

Facebook target Audience post

Brand Awareness:

Ecommerce brand awareness

Most of our digital marketing case studies focus on showing the result in the simplest terms so as a potential client you would know an example of the plan of action we would approach you wish to bring your e-commerce company sales.

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