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A Case Study On How Digital Marketing Helped Maximize Real Estate Sales

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Digital Marketing cannot be ignored if you want to market your business today and Real Estate is no exception. The ultimate goal for a real estate company is to sell. Traditional advertising has been used incessantly from time immemorial.

Brands are willing to move online to attract potential customers and gain converting leads. It has been proven that over 33% of leads are generated through online medium for real estate companies today. The digital space is fast paced and some companies might find it difficult at the start as they’re so used to rigorous traditional marketing methods. This can be easily sorted out by first choosing who to outsource your digital marketing job to. This can be an in-house team, a freelancer or even a digital marketing agency.

We give you a breakdown of how we helped a Chennai based retirement community – The Chennai Homes using digital marketing.

Here Is Our Real Estate Digital Marketing Case Study :

Client : The Chennai Homes

Genre : Real Estate/Retirement Community

Who Are They :

The Chennai Homes is headed by a team of vibrant professionals who have a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector. Aishwaryam is the first of the many projects they propose to launch in the field of senior care.

Aishwaryam is located on the scenic East Coast Road en-route from Chennai to Pondicherry at Marakkanam. Its tranquil location ensures the community is cut from the bustle and pollution that are typical city life, but remains well connected to essential services like travel hubs as well as medical facilities.

Website :


Purpose :

  • To increase brand awareness of The Chennai Homes.
  • Increasing sales by running digital marketing campaigns based on the project.

Total Ad Budget : Rs.70,000/month

Target Audience :

  • Retirees
  • NRIs
  • People looking to invest away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • People looking to invest in a safe home for their parents.

Platforms Used :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Ads(Search/Display)
  • Youtube Ads
  • Email Marketing

Plan of Action :

  • Form an intensive social media and digital marketing plan and subsequent campaigns.
  • Extensive work on SEO to bring the website to the first page for long tail keywords related to our target audience.
  • Run Google & Facebook Ad campaigns to get qualified leads.
  • Publishing blogs that are SEO friendly to help give the brand an organic push.
  • Email marketing to keep the audience abreast with the happenings at The Chennai Homes. Emails will be a means to keep the leads interested in the brand..
  • Retarget customers using ads to bring back interested audience into the potential conversion pool.
  • Sent out testimonial video ads given by the residents to give audience a direct feedback describing their experience at The Chennai Homes.

Result :

  • The Chennai Homes saw great response from the audience through various targeted campaigns.
  • They interacted with the brand in such a way that engagement increased equally over all platforms, social media or otherwise.
  • The touch of empathy worked as that is what the brand stands for. This was highlighted throughout the campaigns and led to sales.
  • Let’s Goo Social was able to bring a good volume of organic visitors to the website through Search Engine Optimization. The monthly visitors increased from
  • Quality leads at INR 400 per lead was generated from the various Facebook and Google Ad campaigns.
  • The Chennai Homes Community today stands at 8000+ active audience on Facebook.
  • The reviews that poured in, in support of the brand and customer satisfaction is at a new high.
  • The number of new visitors to the website grew from 6380 to 40800 due to our efforts.

We make sure case studies are an important part of what we do as it gives us an insight into how our campaigns are performing. This also gives potential clientele an example of how the plan of action is executed to see the results we want to see, to the dot.
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