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IT Digital Marketing Case Study – FreeTechCafe Technologies

IT Digital Marketing Case Study - FreeTechCafe Technologies

Due to the evolution of modern technology and tools, many small and medium sized enterprises are leveraging the use of digital marketing to keep up with the rest of the society. Digital marketing has compelled businesses to go online and incorporate digital strategies to ramp up the existing marketing efforts to get ahead of the market competition. In a very lucrative marketplace, digital has the power to target specific customers online and receive tons of traffic to the website or ad. This helps in converting potential leads into sales driving maximum growth for small businesses. 

Digital marketing is a powerful tool that can reach your potential customers and win maximum sales. Let’s get to know one of our tried and tested ads strategy that worked for a leading software company who received high-quality leads and were able to close on a huge budget value without burning a bigger hole in the pocket. 

About FreeTechCafe Technologies:

FreeTechCafe Technologies is hot off the press solution provider that has its fingers in many pies of the IT sector. Founded and is run by first-generation entrepreneurs. Starting the step as just a website providing ideas and assistance in the technical field, FreeTechCafe Technologies has germinated into a full-fledged company that aims for the eleventh mile.


Challenges Faced:

There are millions of technology companies out there but hardly few of them come to mind. A strong online presence can help software businesses to make sales. FTC didn’t have a digital presence due to which they were not able to garner promising leads for their brand.

Our Objective:

  • To receive high-quality from three different locations mainly India, USA & UK.

Our Strategy That Worked!

1. Facebook Ads

We focused mainly on FTC’s core services for running ads which were business automation, app development and IoT solutions. In the initial stage of coming on board with the client, we ran ads on Facebook and worked closely with the client to understand the quality of leads we received from the platform. After running ads for some time, we monitored them closely and made changes in our ad campaigns accordingly. 

2. PPC Campaigns

While running campaigns, we got a combination of leads in the beginning. After working closely with the client and adhering to their feedback, we optimised the campaigns strategically to get high-value leads where we then further closed a high budget value of minimum 10 lakhs for FTC. We met their expectations without much difficulty.

3. Linkedin Ads

We ran ads on Linkedin as well keeping in mind the services FTC offered to its customers and focused mainly on banner ads targeting high level professionals like CEO, Managing Director, Director, Founders who will be interested in such services.

Results Achieved:

We achieved high-quality leads and gained a CPA for 1300.

That was our case study on FreeTechCafe Technologies who not only gained a strong online presence in the digital world but were able to capture high-quality leads with the help of digital marketing. Digital marketing can win you customers irrespective of the domain. Many businesses are reaping the benefits of its strategies already. Talk to us to know about how we use digital marketing and ace it for our clients.