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Top 3 Sports Brands Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Top 3 Sports Brands Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is in itself has become the hottest trend. And, it’s no surprise that sports teams and athletes are silently jumping into the bandwagon, putting their all-in. So in this sports marketing case study, we’ve hand-picked top three of such sports teams that used digital marketing strategies to connect with their fans easily and share important news with them through their social media channels.


1: KKR – IPL Team

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If we are talking sports marketing case study it’s hard to not include KKR. Because, of course, the IPL teams going social is a clear sign of the dominating digital world. But the one that did it splendidly well is Kolkata Knight Riders, a franchise representing Kolkata in Indian Premier League (IPL). Shahrukh Khan, one of the famous film stars is the co-owner of this cricket team.

They started off with the already available leverage that was their strong connection with their fans. And brought it to the limelight through “Inside KKR”, Website Blogs, An Official Mobile App, that helped them be engaged and updated on news about the team. With special attention given to social media platforms where they had queued sessions on Twitter with the KKR players and run special campaigns that made them a pioneer for any sports team that followed digital strategies to gain popularity for their team.

They gained 15M likes during their “Inside KKR Campaign” and became the most engaging IPL team on Twitter. They also became the most followed IPL team on Instagram with more than 822K followers, making this, one of the best sports marketing campaigns.


2: #ThisGirlCan – The Sport England

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The English Sports Council called “The Sport England” launched a campaign to tackle the gender gap in sports participation by inspiring women to participate more in the sport. The campaign launch video conveys a social proof message about women getting active through boxing, swimming and volleyball.

The campaign street cast people to participate which gave it a personal touch and so was well received organically. It wasn’t a typical ad where professional models who fit under the usual athlete profiles are used to “Inspire”.

This original idea gained over 8 million views and the hashtag #ThisGirlCan was shared more than millions of times, gaining popularity to the message and cause. More than 600,000 women and girls joined the “This Girl Can” social media community. Making this well received campaign return in 2017 and then again in 2018.


3: Manchester City F.C

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Manchester City is well known as the team that puts content in the middle of everything it does. The Man City football club had taken measures to bring in new fans and followers through clever social media marketing.

With their documentary “All or Nothing”, released through Amazon Prime, they garnered three types of fanbases: the regular match goers; the national and international followers who watch matches on mobiles or screens. Using a camera crew to capture behind the scenes of the 17/18 season where they scored the most points (100), they also got the attention of millennials. They also launched the “Same city Same Passion” campaign that focused on promoting women’s football. As part of the campaign, the club merged its men’s and women’s social media channels to provide fans with news and behind-the-scenes content all in one platform.

Prior to their marketing efforts, the team was less-known and had less number of fans even within their own city. But after the documentary which focused on their winning goal, they saw a significant rise in their social media followers. Their facebook page now has 36M likes and their instagram 9.8M followers, that interact with their brand on a daily basis.


Go Digital Today!

Digital sports marketing for teams and independent athletes have significantly risen to a new light through these successful campaigns that lived to tell the tale. Though not known by many, digital marketing your sports team could garner your fans attention and bring in the popularity that your skill deserves.

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