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Event Marketing Case Study

Event Marketing Case Study

Event Marketing: How To Successfully Promote An Event On Social Media?

Every day, we come across so many events and the reason they’re successful is because event planners expertly create successful and effective event strategies. How well the event does completely depend on planning and execution. The importance of event marketing lies in its milestones and goals to be kept in mind and work backward from there. Event marketing case study gives us an insight into what’s happening at the backend of things.

Marketing for an event can be a tedious process and requires spot-on execution. Planners constantly have to find creative ways to promote an event to stand out.

Creative ways of promoting an event online too require the same amount of preparation. Over December of 2018, we had the chance of working with one of the major players in the clothing sector in the city. When the owners told us their vision for the event, we were immediately up for the task. Read more on our event marketing case study:

The BigDeal Store:

The BigDeal Store offers a wide range of handpicked branded clothes for men and women at affordable prices. This is a surplus store, which has one outlet in Ayanavaram and one in TNagar, Chennai.


  1. To increase brand awareness of The BigDeal Store for their December Shopping Festival.
  2. Reach a large audience and entice them to visit the store during the event dates.
  3. To conduct a successful event using the latest online marketing trends.

Plan Of Action:

  1. Targeting audiences interested in shopping, following particular brands and fashion lovers.
  2. SEO tools to analyse potential audience.
  3. Structured keyword planning to eliminate fray audience.
  4. Created a marketing funnel to narrow down from a wider audience.
  5. Instagram and Instagram stories were used to create a brand presence in the target locations and bring in interactions from the customers.
  6. YouTube ads were used to create awareness to bring in new visitors. Flooded the audience with bumper ads(6 Sec Non Skippable Youtube Ads) as a shout out.
  7. Influencer marketing was used at the event to spread the brand’s name, showcase the products on their channels and give their opinion on the store.
  8. Search network ads played a strong part in funnelling in customers showing intent.
  9. Offer ads were used to retarget customers. Deals and discounts were also given.
  10. The festival was heavily pushed on all social media channels and we made sure the message for consistent overall.
  11. Offers were given and contests were held to lure in the section of the audience that was greatly interested.


  1. A substantial increase in followers on the social media pages.
  2. Created a buzz about the store as the countdown began.
  3. The offers worked out well, especially with serious shoppers.
  4. Increased turn out than estimated.
  5. Shoppers participating in contests.
  6. In an interesting turn of events, a particular t-shirt worn by an influencer sold 60 pieces at that very event, making it a huge hit.

Social Media Campaigns & Contests:

1. Offers, Contests and Discounts:

Event Digital Marketing AgencyEvent Social Media Marketing Agency
2. Google Ads:

3. Website:

Website Design Company Chennai

4. Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing

At Let’s Goo Social, we try to bring out the most at the least cost. Our event marketing case studies focus on showing the result in the simplest terms so as a potential client you would know an example of the plan of action we would take. LGS is one of the few event promotion companies in Chennai. A digital marketing agency in Chennai with the vision to give only the best, each time.

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