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Frequently Asked Questions

LGS, the abbreviated form of Let’s Goo Social is an outcome-driven digital marketing agency that can help you in growing your digital presence and becoming a success through it. We have digital strategies that don’t put a dent in your purse yet maintain your social presence. We understand the need for visibility for small businesses and start-ups, so we have cost-effective packages that can help you.

Digital marketing is a sort-of of a catch-all phrase to cover all the services we offer. It is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.
There are special means to do it efficiently. It includes:
Analytics and conversion rate optimisation
Content creation and marketing
Social media
Email marketing
Marketing automation

It will be helpful (more than helpful, actually) to know how many people your business has reached to. And the money you spend will not go to waste for which the traditional marketing cannot be trusted on. These digital marketing strategies and services make sure that it’s done right.

There are comparatively few qualifications available within the digital marketing industry. However, at Let’s Goo Social we are Google Sales, Google Analytics and AdWords qualified

That would be the type of question you would ask a mathematician since they have definite values. But in digital marketing and especially with SEO, there are too many variables to consider. The strategies for companies differ too.
But what we can do is show you examples of our work. The companies that we have helped to build through digital marketing.

Yes, we already do effective marketing and maximized sales for one of our client’s e-commerce business.

To know how we branded Ayur Eggs, an all-natural egg and chicken suppliers and increased their sales, click here

Small businesses and start-ups are the ones that really need digital marketing since they have a wide platform where they could show-off their new product/service.
Click here to know how digital marketing your small business can help its online growth.

Yes, We extend our digital marketing services to Singapore. And even within India, we do effective marketing strategies adjusted to attract the different audiences of different states.

We have two separate packages of digital marketing services – Pro & Pro Plus.
Click here to see the packages for India
Click here to see the packages for Singapore

In simple terms, digital marketing lets you reach people, thousands of times more than in traditional marketing. Visibility is important because the more people know your product/service, they are more likely to choose your brand. You get to know where every penny is going & how many conversions you got from each source. You will also get insights & data back to the last penny. This is how digital marketing your business can increase your sales.