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Let’s Go Online With The Digital Marketing Trends Of 2018

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

“Digital Marketing Trends” is a subject that has been overused over and over again, we know. But let’s make it a little bit more fun.

First of all, 2018 is the year of digital marketing. With all the new e-commerce shopping sites and e-banking, everything’s made easy for the consumers.

Then let’s dive right into it. What made 2018 so special in terms of digital marketing?


Stretch it a bit, you’ll get Artificial Intelligence. AI is all the rage now. It could be called as THE Digital marketing trend of 2018. There are the infamous Siri, Cortana and now Alexa (Play despacito?). These “people” are probably the most widely known examples of AI. But AI is much more than that.

You use it every day for everything. AI is basically that which adapts to the needs of the human that is using it. Like a friend, who knows all your favorite dishes and immediately orders for you (with your money, of course) AI has become something that is all up in our faces but one that is in-use without us even realizing it.

By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without the need for a human (how crazy is that!). So businesses adopting AI in 2018 will be able to save costs and increase their growth, getting an edge over their competitors.


It is actually not a surprise that it’s in second place. With new features like Stories, Polls, Questions, Lives, Instagram is the gold well of marketing. You can keep taking from it, it’ll never go dry. Especially, when it comes to digital marketing for restaurants, then consider Instagram your main social media platform, for obvious reasons.

It’s one of the famous digital marketing trends of 2018 because of its never-ending new updates. As long as the phone memory persists, one can feel the full potential of Instagram. More importantly Instagram Live has proven it’s worth as the best feature of Instagram

What more, business owners can use this golden well smartly, using digital marketing agencies – Opt to do social media marketing, get things done as quickly as possible. The quicker that your business maintains an active Instagram account, the sooner that you’ll reach the right people and in no time your business is on top.

That Could Help Digital Marketers Are:

  • Stories that are engagement inclusive
  • “Boosting Posts” to reach a wider audience
  • Smoother switch between posts can help with multiple business accounts
    Instagram Live
  • More traction because there are 1 billion active users in Instagram

We leave the choice to you. Bring your brand online today with Let’s Goo Social, the best Social Media Marketing Agency in Singapore & India and see a visible increase in sales!


The name is pretty self-explanatory. Marketing through video, is what it says. This might not be a particularly current news. We, as humans, always react better to videos than texts or pictures or audios. It’s the basic of psychology alerting all the senses making those videos hold the human attention so easily and create an impact.

Using it to the advantage of your business is where your part comes. Creating engaging videos that are impactful is very important. This digital trend must undergo a lot of creative processes before it sees the daylight.

A very good example is YouTube ads. It sees a whopping 1.8 billion active users all over the world. Through this audiences can be made aware of your product/service through skippable or non-skippable ads. And it’s a proven fact that consumers are more likely to buy products after seeing a video on its usage or making.


Wait, what are ChatBot though?

It is basically a computer program or an artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. The conversations are programmed and designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner. The need for a human to constantly attend to queries and messages becomes redundant when ChatBots can take over that work and automatically respond.

It’s a great way to make your social media presence a user-friendly one, in marketing terms, an SEO friendly one. ChatBots not only help your clients but also allows the clients to have a personalized experience which increases the trust of your brand. It’s the science of marketing!

ChatBots also help you to understand what kind of crowd is interested in your products. It is mainly to retarget them, to retarget their look-alikes and so it’s, in fact, a very useful conversion tool.


Visual search is a special child who made practically most of the things easier. If you want to buy this one red jacket that a girl wore for the last party, do not worry! All you need is a picture, and then Google will find it for you. You also have Pinterest who first introduced this into the concoction. But we all know that Google is THE Go-To Guy.

This visual search works on the principle that when you search with the picture of the dress that you are looking for, google immediately analyses the products and their description registered in its databases, trying to connect the dots and then find the similar dress on some e-commerce platform that sells it.

This proved to be a boon for furniture sellers and clothing stores that were based online. It’s practically the golden goose. And along with voice search, which is also a steadily growing digital marketing trend, the online marketers are unbeatable.

The digital marketing trends that were listed here can be used to their full potential only if you have a strong digital marketing agency that takes their job seriously. We at LGS, as much as we like to have fun, we incorporate that into our projects and that is the secret why they have such a reach among the audience. For cost-efficient and quality digital marketing services, get in touch with us through any of our social media profiles or give us a call. If anything else, you can always come to our office, we always have our doors wide open (metaphorically) for you.

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82% Of Consumer Internet Traffic Will Be Video By 2021.

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