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Here Are The Best Ways To Get Conversions Using Visual Search

Visual Search In Google

Get Conversions Using Visual Search

Imagine that you saw a dress that you liked on a picture. You like to buy it, obviously and so you would use keywords like, “Floral print blue knee-length frock”. It’s unlikely that you would be able to find the exact dress that you were looking for. You’re not alone on that futile search though. According to Slyce for the 74% of the consumer’s traditional text-based search turns out useless in finding the product they desire. That’s how Google visual search came into being. Because 22.6 % of the searches are made to find certain images.
Visual Search
And humans who are visual creatures take everything around them through the pictures they see. That’s why creatives need to be catchy and straight-forward.

But how can you use this for marketing your own product? Pinterest is the way to go. It’s a known fact that Pinterest lens is the best when it comes to identifying a product right to its color and price

Using this feature, many clothing lines have seen conversions. Heap Analytics data shows that image-based Pinterest Ads have an 8.5% conversion rate. It’s behind Google’s 12.3% but in front of Facebook’s 7.2%. Through Pinterest ads, the search is made easier and quicker for the consumers.

Google slowly started adding this feature into their search engine too. Though at first it was text-based searches on the image, for a few years now, it has developed into a “searching images through images”.

Through gradual development Google has succeeded in making itself a shoppable discovery platform for products. According to MozCast, 18% of text-based searches have image blocks, which eventually takes the user into Google Images. This is extremely useful especially among early adopters “who starts using a product or technology as soon as it becomes available.”

For example, When you write a blog on a celebrity’s fashion style with attached pictures and a detailed description on it, can help you in ranking higher in search results for both text-based and visual searches.

This new visual search is all algorithmically selected based on a combination of schema and image recognition. This means that you should use pictures that are high-resolution, original and those which clearly focus on a single theme.

Here are a few simple tips to put your product on top through visual search in google:

  • Schema Markup – To be eligible for similar items, you need product markup that meets the minimum metadata requirements of Name, Image, Price, Currency, Availability.
  • Check Your Implementation – Through Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, run a few URLs and check individual field for populating and user-friendly data.
  • Look Up Where You Rank – If your image doesn’t show when you search using the right keywords then there is an implementation problem. Go back and fix it, then search again to find your ranking.

On top of all this, there is shoppable visual content that is bridging the gap between just browsing and buying. These formats reduce the number of steps users need to take from content to conversion. And more importantly for SEO, they exclude the need for keyword search.

To Make Your Brand Achieve This Kind Of Exposure:

  1. Make your brand visuals interactive through image recognition features.
  2. Understand how consumers visually search for your products.
  3. Optimize your content so it’s geared towards visual technology.

Visual search is permeating online and camera search is becoming commonplace offline. Now is the time to outshine your competitors. Even if you’re competitors are organically #1 it’s no use if the customers cannot see them.

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