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How Easy Or Difficult Is It To Market A Restaurant?


If one is looking to market a restaurant, then they must know the ins and outs of digital marketing. One has to stay abreast with the best practices and the updates as the customers are well informed and are in direct touch.

Our digital marketing experts at Let’s Goo Social have great experience in dealing with a number of restaurants and one such place is R K Agarwal’s Sweets & Snacks.

The recipe for success was the perfect blend of a solid marketing strategy and execution. We’d like to share with you the ingredients and steps of a restaurant digital marketing case study that made this recipe a grand hit!

R K Agarwal’s Sweets & Snacks:

Who are they?

R K Agarwal’s Sweets & Snacks is a restaurant having stores at two stores in the busiest parts of the city. They are traditional sweet makers with years of experience in the field with family brewed recipes. Their extensive menu has all the crowd favourites and is a great place to grab a quick bite as well.

Location :

1. Habibullah Road 2. Thanikachalam Road

Facebook: rkagarwals -Facebook
Instagram: rkagarwals – Instagaram


When the owner Rajat Gupta approached us, our strategy team understood the client’s whole requirement which helped in forming the way forward. The purpose was to:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Increase footfall/ store visits in both the stores.

Total Ad Budget:

  • INR 10,000

Plan Of Action:

  • Select and separate our target audience from a wide pool of people. Our team then created a marketing funnel that narrowed them down even further to a strong set.
  • Targeting audiences interested in food and trying out different food within the area. Radius targeting was done to achieve this feet and our ads targeted specific genres of people.
  • The team fixed on audience personas and performed meticulous keyword planning.
  • Clean, attractive and appealing designs were used and pushed on Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Clean & attractive designs:


Heavily flooded content on the photo-sharing app Instagram and shared on Insta Stories too to create:

  • strong brand presence in the target locations and
  • bring in customer engagement.
  • Relied on video ads to captivate the customer with appealing designs and product shots.
  • To bring in new visitors and increase reach, YouTube Ads were used.
  • Offers and offer ads were used for retargeting customers that had already engaged with the brand.

Offer posts to attract students in the area:

  • Influencer Marketing was another main tool that helped bring in great traction and footfall majorly. We tapped famous foodies around the city and turned them into brand advocates. They were given a tour of the stores, a dive into its brief history and legacy and a taste of some of the items from their menu.

Influencer feedback:


  • The influencers were then asked to give honest opinions and share pictures on key customer attracting factors like: taste of the food, service, ambience, price and more.
  • Reviews on major food blogs and platforms were made for the audience to see and get an idea of the shop. This is a great point to note in this restaurant digital marketing case study.
  • Reposting customer photos for future brand growth.

Influencer reviews and testimonials:


The results:

  • The collective effort helped increase the footfall in both the stores.
  • Honest influencer reviews and feedback helped increase sales by 50% after our marketing efforts.
  • The audience is directly in touch with us so interacting and engaging with them was important.

Audience engagement post:

Take a look at what the owner had to say about us below:

#LGSHappyClients – RK Agarwal's Sweets & Snacks

To make our #clients happy & give their brand a whole new creative dimension, is what we do best. Thank you for letting us market your digital footprint.Brand: RK Agarwal's Sweets & SnacksMD: Rajath Gupta..#OurHappyClients #LGSHappyClients #LGS #DigitalMarketingAgency #OnlineMarketing #Testimonials #CustomerReviews #ClientReviews #HappyClients #HappyCustomers #SocialMediaMarketing #Chennai #Singapore #GoodReviews #LGSDiaries #GoodRating #Restaurant #FoodLover #RKAgarwals

Posted by Let's Goo Social on Monday, May 20, 2019

Hope this restaurant digital marketing case study shed light on the best practices in the industry. As a Digital Marketing Company, our efforts are always towards helping the brand achieve their goals. We do this differently for different clients as one size does not fit all.

Would you like the same for your brand or business too? We suggest you tap on the blue button below.

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