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The Rise Of New Social Media Platforms And How Brands Can Use Them

Social media is ever-evolving and so are the different social media platforms we know. There are now updates almost every day and catching up with every trend on a daily basis can be exhausting. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are some of the most commonly used and the most well-known platforms today. Apart from this, there are other new social media platforms on the rise that look promising.

As a business, it is better for you to join early on to get the hang of these channels and see how the audience is reacting to it. It also gives you a chance to see if these new platforms are really worth your time or not. Aside from the popular ones, already existing platforms like Pinterest and Reddit are also looking to improve on their marketing and advertising features. You might want to hold on to these too.

Positioning your business better with the new platforms help you beat the competition and will give you a chance to engage the audience across all platforms. Stay up to date with these latest and upcoming social media platforms as we give you a compilation of the same below. These emerging platforms are where you should be exploring for your brand to reach greater heights and reach new audiences.

1. TikTok

You just have already heard about this new platform and the TikTok rage that has taken over the world! Launched in 2017, this social media platform has over 500+ million active users! That is a mind-boggling number, isn’t it? The lip-syncing and video making app has only seen an upward trend since its launch with 800 million downloads worldwide. TikTok is a mix of two apps called Vine and, it allows you to create short videos and plays it on loop and you can also add fun effects, AR filters & much more!
How TikTok works

Brands have already started experimenting and being successful on TikTok by asking people to participate in the different challenges tab. Be it a fashion brand, an entertainment brand or even a publishing company, this social media platform is something you should definitely get on to engage your audience in the best way!

2. Lasso by Facebook

Lasso was launched in 2018 and it is a direct competitor of TikTok. Lasso uses the same principle of people using the platform to post short videos played on loop with effects and filters added to it. Since it is linked to Facebook, this might be a better option to get on this app and ride on Facebook’s user base.

Lasso App

Though the user base of Lasso is small at the moment, Facebook is trying to attract the young audience with these updates. Brands can leverage this to attract the millennials and the Gen-Z audience. It is yet to be seen what type of content thrives on the platform but it looks promising.

Similar to TikTok, fashion brands, entertainment companies, beauty and publishing companies can make the most from Lasso.

3. Steemit

Steemit was launched in 2016 and has nearly 1.2 million users. This social media platform is very similar to Reddit but has a cryptocurrency twist. On Reddit, your post gets upvoted if it is a good post, similarly, on Steemit, you are given ‘coins’ if your post does well. You can also like, comment and share posts on this platform.

Steemit Home Page

The look and feel of the page is very similar to Reddit too. The feed also shows a live cryptocurrency value to keep yourself updated with the same in real time. Though it only has about 50,000 active monthly users, it is known to be the first social media platform in the world of crypto currency and has been widely published on major publications like WIRED and TechCrunch. Brands can keep an eye out on this platform and see if this can be of some help for them now or in the near future.

4. Caffeine

Launched in 2018, is a social media platform built by ex-Apple designers. This platform allows you to create live broadcasts where people can leave emojis as a reaction or respond with comments. Like Twitch, you can broadcast it on your TV or computer screens as you play video games or record an event. Caffeine offers you money for high subscriptions and views

Live videos and live broadcasts are here to stay and in 2020, this is one platform you should look out for, for your brand too. This allows brands to use it for a variety of marketing strategies like Q&A, behind the scenes, live videos etc. Gaming, sports and entertainment industries can make the most from this new social media platform.

5. Houseparty

Launched in 2016 and with a user base of more than 20+ million people, Houseparty is a social media platform that allows group-messaging with about 8 people at a time. You can also use filters, effects and stickers to make it more fun and engaging.

It rose from 1 million to 20 million users in just a year in 2018! It also offers ad space for marketers. With big competitors like Snapchat, it would be interesting to see how this performs in the market in the near future.

What are your thoughts about the rise of social media platforms? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, if you are a business owner and are in need of help in adapting to these new players in the digital marketing world, we are your people to talk to! We come with the experience and expertise of using multiple social media platforms to portray brands in the best light. Call us at +91 9087706000 and learn a trick or two!

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