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How To Start Vlogging Today And Get Noticed By Tomorrow

There are one too many instances where we felt that we would rather watch a video instead of reading the blog post. People do not want to go through lengthy blog posts to understand a particular topic or are not willing to spend their precious time on it. That is why vlogging came into the picture. Vlogging, video blog or vlog is nothing but covering topics of different genres in a video format. There can be different types of video content like:

  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Journals
  • Exercises
  • News coverage
  • Comedy segments and more!

Videos are an effective way to explain a topic as it allows you to enact or showcase what you’re trying to say. For example, a 20-minute exercise can be easily explained through actions and movements through a video. The user also knows the right way to do the exercises through a simple video. Like professional blogging, professional vlogging is also a hugely lucrative business. People make millions by just vlogging today!

How to get started in vlogging and get your fair share out of it? We will give you the best vlogging tips for beginners:

Step 1: How to start vlogging?

Similar to blogging, when you want to vlog, you need to select your niche. What is it that you love doing the most and does that make you stand out? Start with keyword research and see what words people use to search your kind of videos for ideas. There are a lot of vlogging categories today but the most famous ones are:

  • Makeup
  • Food/cooking
  • Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Travel
  • Unboxing
  • Technology
  • Reviews and
  • Comedy, to name a few

You really don’t have to fall into any of these categories but if you have identified your niche and can showcase something unique from it, you are good to go and can increase your chances of success!

Step 2: Content, content and more content!

Vlogging is a regular activity. To become good at it and for more and more people to follow you, you need to put up quality content regularly. People would like to subscribe to your channel if you put up what they want to see. Understand your audience, keep them engaged and get them coming back for more. Structure your vlogs like a story and come up with a theme. The top vloggers put out at least one vlog post (video) per day! You can start off slow but be consistent which will help in increasing your user base. Make a schedule and stick to it. Quality content means using high-quality images, good sound quality, interesting content and overall good looking videos.

Step 3: What equipment to use?

You need not invest in expensive equipment right at the start. Understanding your niche will help you identify the basic equipment you’ll need. Today, even phones produce good quality videos. Investing in a decent camera, a microphone and a tripod is a good start. Take the call if that is enough for you. Does your niche involve shooting motion pictures, high-quality videos and covering events? In this situation, you might need to invest in better quality and the necessary gear that will make your job easier. See if you will also need a green screen or lighting. Some of these are optional but do purchase only if you know you will need it. Even though it is essential to have the required editing software and the basic skill set to work on the videos post shooting, today, there are many apps that can help you with basic editing to start of with.

Step 4: Script and rehearsals

However good you are with a topic, you will need to plan ahead. Content can’t be put up randomly. There needs to be a continuation for the users. Write down your ideas for the script and practice it a couple of times. You can wing there and there but mostly stick to the plan. Be as authentic as possible and leverage your strengths. It might be difficult to face the camera at the start if you are inexperienced but as you get the hang of it, you should start feeling more comfortable and confident.

Step 5: Optimize your videos

Once you have a good video in hand, you have to optimise it for the different platforms you’re posting it on. Give your video a catchy title and a good description. Make it look visually appealing and post it! Use YouTube live and Facebook Live to expand your reach.

Once you are successful and start getting noticed, you can do sponsored content like product reviews, running ads in your videos or by affiliate marketing.

In conclusion, make the best use of your resources, research on the right topics and give your audience more of what they expect from you. These key factors determine the success of your vlogging journey. If at any point, you need help in making the videos for yourself or for your brand or in marketing your videos, we are just a call away! We are Let’s Goo Social, a digital marketing company with the right experience and expertise. We will make you stand out from the crowd with the latest techniques and the best marketing approach. Reach us at +91 9087706000 now!