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Why Must Your Business Opt For Performance Marketing in 2020?

Today’s digital world is fast-paced and every new day poses a new challenge to marketers. Today’s user is ever-changing too. Advertisers and marketers need to keep up with the trends and tweak their campaigns accordingly to always be two steps ahead of the competition. One such area is performance marketing and we are going to explain everything about it in the blog. 

Performance Marketing is a new-age online marketing strategy that is making waves in the digital marketing world today. Let’s dive into this topic now. 

What is Performance Marketing? 

Performance Marketing, as the name suggests, is based on performance. The performance can be various things such as getting leads, making sales, booking for a program or even downloading an e-book. 

It is a combination of brand marketing and paid advertising but the payment is only made after the desired actions take place. 

This is truly a win-win approach for both the parties i.e a retailer and a publisher. It allows them to target their campaigns based on ROI and performance. By making the payment after the desired action is completed, the business owner can feel more confident that their money is being well spent on the results they are receiving and that the right audience is being targeted. This also leads to the business owner to get free brand exposure and targeted clicks throughout the campaign. 

This is the best customer acquisition strategy that is out there in the market. It is high time businesses take advantage of this marketing technique today! 

What is the difference between Affiliate Marketing and Performance Marketing? 

Affiliate Marketing is a term that is interchangeable with Performance Marketing but performance marketing is a part of a larger term which also includes influencer marketing, search marketing, email marketing and any other form of marketing that requires a business to pay in order to get leads or conversions. 

In this type of marketing model, KPIs are detected and payments are made based on pre-defined performance metrics. Performance marketing though always existed has grown leaps and bounds with the introduction of other subsets of marketing like influencer marketing, advanced email marketing techniques etc. 

What type of companies or businesses must opt for Performance Marketing? 

Performance Marketing includes various players like networks, publishers, affiliates, retailers, merchants and advertisers. Companies can range from a small business to even Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized businesses and sole-ownership businesses. 

How is Performance Marketing useful for businesses? 

Performance Marketing is extremely useful as it allows the marketer to track and measure a campaign down to the click. Marketers can measure and analyze everything from cost of acquisition to average order values. 

Why should I opt for it today?  

  • Performance marketing is the fastest-growing segment of digital marketing. 
  • The ROI is excellent and studies have shown a return of $11 for every dollar spent. 
  • About 93% of businesses that used performance marketing recommended it to others. 
  • Revenue opportunities like lead generation, pay per action and mobile advertising channels are already using this. 
  • With today’s advancements in the digital field, you must try this for your business today to reap the returns. 

How do I get the same for my business? 

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