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#10 Best Youtube Seo Tips To Get Your Brand Ranking Better Today

SEO techniques generally focus on countable search engines. Today, it is required of marketers to think beyond this particular concept to rank better. Apply new and innovative techniques, to beat competitors. One way is to focus on YouTube after Google.

Did You know? YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.

To increase organic traffic, you can’t ignore optimizing YouTube today.

Why is YouTube so important, you ask?

YouTube’s boom in India!

The statistics are staggering. Today there are over 225 million active YouTube users in India and by 2020, this number is predicted to increase by 500 million. The age group of people using the platform ranges from youngsters to people over 60, making it a goldmine for marketers waiting to be excavated.

In India, 60% of the users are outside the country’s top 6 cities!

With numbers like these, a brand needs a separate strategy when it comes to YouTube.

So let’s take a look at how to get thousands of video views and rank higher on YouTube through these YouTube SEO tips?

We give you 10 major strategies to achieve the same. We suggest you start implementing these YouTube SEO tips right from today!

1. Become a keyword research master.

Keyword research is the most basic step of all SEO practices. It is the same for YouTube. Look for the keyword volume before zeroing on the keyword.

2. Check for keyword competitiveness.

Make sure you do a YouTube search and do competitor analysis. Thoroughly check for the number of results. One trick is that if your number is high, you are not likely to rank high on the first page results. See which is your realistic rank based on your keyword research and work backwards.


3. Engaging videos! Engaging videos! Engaging videos!

We can’t stress this enough. Keyword research and competitor analysis are useless without producing engaging videos. Your audience will only be glued if it makes sense to them. Keep a close eye on the ‘Audience Retention’ metric which will give you the answer. You need not produce Hollywood level videos but putting out informative, innovative and out of the box ideas is a great start. One can create great-looking videos with minimal investment too!

4. Use attractive titles and descriptions.

Give heed to these as titles and descriptions are important for organic growth. A few steps to follow are to include keywords in titles and descriptions of the video. Use video tags. This can greatly help increase your click-through ratio (CTR) too. Make sure to add the keywords in your YouTube script too.

5. Use kickass thumbnails.

Invest some time and energy in creating attractive thumbnails rather than YouTube generated ones. Keep in mind that this is the first interaction of the audience with your video. You might want to be able to make them click on it. Customized thumbnails go a long way. Choose an image that creates an impact, uses strong, attractive lines and catchy phrases.

6. Subscribers are important.

The number of subscribers is directly related to your ranking. The higher the number of subscribers, the better you rank on YouTube. On this platform, there is greater importance given to the number of subscribers on the channel. You can simply ask them to subscribe at the end of the video or they will automatically subscribe to the channel based on their interest in your channel.

7. Comments and shares go a long way.

Always encourage your viewers to like, comment and subscribe to the videos. It is not always necessary that the prompt is given but it’s good to give them the right push to do so. Creating good and engaging content will automatically bring you all the three.

8. Optimise your video length.

Do not bore your audience with lengthy videos. You want them to keep coming back to your channel for more. Give them crisp, creative videos with the right amount of information in it. Determine what length works for you best by analysing videos of various timings on your channel and then finalize on one that gives you the best results.

9. Greater amplification = Higher views.

Only staying on YouTube will take you a few steps further. To reach a larger chunk of the audience and get them to come to your YouTube channel, you must choose the right digital platforms for your brand. Once you identify the ones for you, make sure to share on all these platforms.

Use other platforms like Quora, embed them in your own blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook for greater traction.

Remember, greater amplification = higher views and ranking.

10. Create playlists for your videos.

Create a proper sequence for how your videos look on the channel. They add more value than randomly placed videos. Make use of playlists to create a sequence and take your audience through a journey. This can help to keep them hooked, increasing reach.

Follow these YouTube SEO tips and they are sure to help you rank better on the platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re an e-commerce platform, in real estate or a restaurant, these rules apply universally. These are some of the best practices for YouTube SEO. Happy ranking!

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