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Top #6 New Things In Digital Marketing – April 2019

digital april 2019

We all know that the digital sphere is fast paced and there are new updates and tweaks happening almost every day. In this video, we look at some of the new things in digital for April 2019.

1. LinkedIn Begins Rolling Out its Own Version of Reactions for Posts

LinkedIn has published about the arrival of its reactions tool, which is exactly like Facebook’s response option. This response tool provides a quick and easy way to express more than just a Like on a post.

2. Facebook May Add a New News Tab For ‘High Quality, Trusted’ Journalism

With the spread of fake news, Facebook is now looking at ways to guarantee that quality and accurate information is getting increased priority over divisive, opinion-based news. One way to do that, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, could be via a dedicated news tab, which would better showcase content from ‘high quality, trusted’ sources.

3. Facebook is Testing New Font Style Options for Posts

For News Feed posts, Facebook is testing out its “Text Effects” which would enable users to apply a range of stylized text types within their Facebook updates, according to reports.

4. Instagram hiding the number of Likes on posts

Instagram is looking to remove like counts from posts, with only the creator able to see their total number of likes. Considering that the majority of Instagram users are aged under 34, there’s no debating that this could be a better option when it comes to focusing on the positive side.

5. Instagram is Testing a New Communal Video Viewing Option

Instagram is experimenting with a new option which would enable users to view on-platform video content with a friend, while also seeing their reactions on screen via the phone camera. Multi-participatory viewing and consumption of data has become a key trend of focus for social media platforms.

6. Facebook Limits The Number Of Hashtags Per Post

Similar to Instagram, Facebook also has rolled out a new update wherein it restricts the number of hashtags to 30 per post. A welcomed update, you think?

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