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Audio Ads: The future of digital advertising

Audio Ads

Meet the new medium that is gaining momentum this year and is quite unstoppable — audio programmatic, a screenless link between a brand and a potential consumer. Programmatic audio advertising is automated selling and insertion of ads in audio content like podcasts, digital radio, and streaming music services by leveraging programmatic audio-specific publishers like Spotify, Triton, AdsWizz, and TargetSpot that can be streamed on a variety of devices like desktop, mobile phones, over-the-top televisions, and smart speakers.  Over the last several years, we have seen the growing popularity of audio media, including podcasts or streaming radio and music. Audio ads can help marketers gain more momentum in the audio industry. Consumers are spending more of their time in this digital medium at an unbelievable rate. Digital audio has the extraordinary ability to cut through today’s media clutter by offering a personalized 1:1 experience.

1. What are the benefits of audio ads?

  • Over 75% of streaming audio is on mobile devices.  So if you want to engage the mobile audience, digital audio ads should be an integral addition to your media mix.
  • Easy access to top digital audio inventory from multiple sources in the DSP allows for omnichannel campaign management. Add audio to your video or display campaign to get a holistic view of campaign insights.
  • Digital audio ads don’t need a screen to have an impact, allowing highly personalized audio content to reach consumers where visual advertising cannot, such as in the car listening to a favorite streaming station or at the gym while on a treadmill.
  • Programmatic ads allow the added benefit of control and in-flight optimization. Marketers can reach precise audiences through voice marketing across top digital audio streaming services and supply sources through real-time targeting and bid management

2. How to get started with audio advertising?

  • Keep it simple – You have 15, 30, or 60 seconds to get your message across and move your audience to take action. The more information the audio ads contains, the less the listeners will remember. Instead, outline your key product benefits clearly and tell your story in a way that the listener can relate to. A good rule of thumb is to keep sentences under 25 words each.
  • Consider a conversational tone – Voice is a crucial component of an audio advertisement because there is often no image alongside it to capture the listener’s attention. Any creative marketing copy you’ve already made supporting your brand, a specific product launch or initiative is a great way to start. By using a more casual, familiar voice you create a seamless transition from audio to advertising, thereby increasing chances of effective marketing strategy to reach the right audience.
  • Create a smooth transition – Ads are inserted between songs, interviews and other audio content, so you’ll need to have a clean start and finish to your ad. Let your audio ads feel and sound personalized, but avoid being too specific. On the tail end of your ad, avoid long fade-outs for the same reason. Get creative since this is a savvy audience.
  • Add emotions – Spotify suggests to trigger emotions and evoking sensations through resources such as 3D audio or ASMR. Using description, sound effects, familiar voices or popular jingles to build advertising messages that generate brand recall and move the listener into action is also helpful in moving the audience emotionally.
  • Opt for a clear and crisp message – Depending on your brand and the goal of your advertising, you may integrate cheeky language into your script, or opt for a no-nonsense approach. In the end, what matters most is that the words, phrasing, and tone you choose must be crisp and gives out a clear message, making your ad come across as more authentic.
  • Develop an attractive CTA – If you want to see your audio ads drive action or results, including a classy call-to-action in your script is essential. Remember that since they’re listening, not clicking, the call-to-action should be simple and straightforward. And again, go for a tone that’s personal and conversational.

With a fairly cheap cost of entry and peeking listening interest, numerous brands and publishers are shifting to the audio landscape to get a footing in the medium that can not only engage their readers but get a whole definition of branding. With these effective audio marketing techniques, you can make sure your brand soars high in the digital medium in the years to come.

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