You have been seeing the words "LGS Squad" for so many times now. Here is your chance to meet the squad!
Naghappan AL (Nags)
Founder/ Digital Marketing Engineer

Sometimes it takes more than an executive to get things done, and our Chief Executive engineers the campaigns based on the clients’ and industry requirements. He is a social listener, growth hacker, strategist, and analyst!

Varsha Rajagopal (VMR)
Co-Founder/ The Ad boss

VMR takes care of providing end-to-end solutions for ads. She takes care of budget planning, marketing funneling, and target setting. Strategising, planning, budgeting, and executing – VMR is the Ad boss!

Manjith (Agent M)
Business Development Executive

The bearer of the golden staff, he takes on clients and makes them ours. His naturally marketing-driven brain helps too. His role is a crucial one for ours is a business with the ambition to expand and the necessity to diversify our clients.

Ashok (#OK)
Creative Designer/ Digital Artist

Eminent in illustrator and photoshop, #ok has an eye for good colors! He is a social media savvy and brings out the designs just as we desire! Producing eye candies is pretty much what he does! His optimistic personality boosts his creativity.

Karthiga (KG)
SEO/ SEM Wizard

When it comes to SEO, it is all about the wizard and not the wand! Tools are used by everyone, but logical thinking is what matters and KG proves just that fact. SEO, web development, and Adwords are a few magic tricks this wizard can perform!

Creative Designer

A sucker for anything caramel and Asian food, has the most expressive face of all (especially his ‘WTF’ face, award-worthy). The comic book is his guilty pleasure. This designer/illustrator has an “Extremely cute” cat called Floof.

Business Development Executive

Jack of all trade. A would-have been football coach. Has two types of obsessions: Football (duh!) and Disha Patani, Emma Watson, Emma stone, Amy Jackson (mind the order). The “diet” enthusiast who brings the best chilli Panneer fry.

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