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Top 5 Digital Marketing Campaigns That Created A Massive Impact!

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

The field of digital marketing needs you to constantly evolve with time and stay fresh with the current trends. Upgrading to better tactics and taking the right kind of risk is part of the game.

Once the team sits down and the strategy is in place, the next step is all about execution. Strategy connects the brand to the customer, increases brand awareness and pushes revenue upwards. In the world of brands and the ones that are using digital marketing to their maximum advantage, it is important to analyze what they’re doing right and learn from the best of the best.

We’ve put together 5 case studies that show exactly how these brands have used digital marketing to produce creative marketing campaigns to their advantage.

1. Find Your Reasons by Fitbit

About: Fitbit is a active wearable tech company founded in 2007. They provide performance analysis and step counts using their technology to their customers.
Challenge: With hundreds of fitness brands all over the world, how can Fitbit stand out?
Execution: They were smart in using their strategy and promoted their product with user based content. Real life examples and experiences were used in their campaigns.
Result: This changed the way people looked at fitness as they could directly relate to the stories told by real, next door people. This campaign generated 25+ million active users, 20+ million Fitbit fees from users and $299 million in revenue. A brilliant campaign and execution indeed!

2. DoTheRex By Durex

About: Durex is a popular condom brand. They have always been known for their quirky ads and catchy illustrations.
Challenge: In a nation that has not yet been able to freely speak about sex, this was a first of a kind music video that was to be launched.
Execution: The brand did what it does best when it comes to advertising. It used a peppy music video to launch the campaign, using Bollywood A-lister Ranveer Singh as the face. This targeted the country’s youth capturing attention and the much needed reach.
Result: The video garnered almost 1,50,000 views in just a day from it’s launch!

3. Jaane Kya Dikh Jaaye Campaign By Rajasthan Tourism

About: This was a multimedia campaign created for Rajasthan Tourism by Ogilvy.
Challenge: This high profile camping had to represent the state’s return to Tourism marketing after 25 years!
Execution: The target audience in this case was the youth, adventure seekers and city explorers. Each frame of the animation campaign made sure it captured the true essence of the state, it’s culture and the people. The lesser known sides of the state we’re highlighted creating curiosity in the audience.
Result: Rajasthan added over 1 crore new tourists to the state through the campaign!

4. Share A Coke & A Song By Coca-Cola

About: A international soft drinks brand that has become a home name today.
Challenge: This summer campaign had to ride on the already super hit #ShareACoke” campaign.
Execution: Music for everyone is close to the heart and they used this as a concept in the campaign. This goes back to the times where at some point or the other we’re involved in making our our music, playlists and even mixtapes. The team carefully selected lyrics that represent both the beans and reflected the throwback moment.
Result: The timing was just perfect for a summer campaign. This created a phenomenal response worldwide!

5. Red Cup Contest By Starbucks

About: Starbucks is a well known international coffee company and coffeehouse chain, having branches all over the world.
Challenge: For coffee lovers, the colour of the cup didn’t really matter.
Execution: Starbucks made use of augmented reality to make the red cups come alive. This personalized customer experiences and got them to talk.
Result: Even though this created some controversy, this campaign was a huge hit and absorbed by all.


Creative marketing campaigns tend to get to the issue and showcase the product in the quirkiest way possible. These viral campaigns are testament to the fact that creativity never goes wrong and always touches you in one way or the other.

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