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How To Hire A SEM Company That Drives Results?

You know for a fact that SEM companies in Singapore are in plenty. If you are aware of digital marketing or have outsourced it to an agency, you already know that it is a skilled job.

Some Search Engine Marketing (SEM) companies might also offer a wide range of other services like branding, web design, email marketing, display advertising and social media marketing.

You need to be wary if the marketing agency you’ve hired for your business is doing the right job or not.
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Here’s a refresher to help you out –

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a type of marketing that involves advertising of websites by increasing their visibility and reach on search engine results pages. This is done through paid promotion or paid advertising.

There is a general confusion between SEO and SEM. SEO or Search Engine Optimization also involve working on websites to make it more prominent and it is done internally to bring visibility to the website organically. In other words, it is earning website traffic and ranking through unpaid methods. SEM on the other hand is done through paid listings.

SEM agency in Singapore should hire employees that are experienced and show expertise in the field of digital marketing. SEM is a completely different ballgame and makes sure the company you hire has shown proven results and have a track record of successful online campaigns.

How to look for the best SEM agency in Singapore for your business?

1. One of the first steps you need to take is to see where SEM fits in your company’s marketing strategy and the budget. Promotion involves money and you don’t have to spend a chunk of your marketing efforts into SEM if it doesn’t fit in your strategy at all.

2. The next step is to do some background do competitor analysis and keyword research. Here are plenty of free online tools available to do so.

3. A great tip is to look for high volume keyword searches as these lead to lower cost per acquisition. This decision depends on your company’s marketing strategy and SEM guidelines.

4. Competitor analysis gives an idea of what keywords the competition is using and if it applies to you based on volume of search. This varies from country to country.

The best way to look for an SEM agency is by referrals and word of mouth. Before the lookout, have a flexible mindset. Not only take into consideration highly established agencies but also small marketing agencies that have a great track record and experience in SEM.

When you are content that you have found the company to do the job for you, it is briefing time. It is important you discuss your target, challenges, company’s background and the audience you want to reach for your company.

Make sure to ask the SEM agency about:

  • Their past work
  • Business portfolio
  • Campaign strategy for your company
  • Execution plan for the strategy

SEM companies in Singapore are asked to do lead generation most of the times but there are more things involved like:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Increase Website Visits/ traffic
  • Website conversions
  • Retargeting to come back to the website

SEM Is a crucial part of your entire marketing campaign and only the best company should be handling it. Are you looking for one for your company? Let us help you get closer to attaining your SEM objectives.

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