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This Is The Ultimate LinkedIn Content Strategy For The Year 2020

If you are someone well versed with everything digital, you know for a fact that ignoring LinkedIn is a big no-no!

LinkedIn is a social platform, mainly for professionals and is a community of more than 500 million members across the globe! Stats show that more than 1 lakh people join the platform each day and it consists of high profile decision-makers, professionals and influencers.

The problem that many marketers face when it comes to LinkedIn is the type of content they need to put out. Content marketing on LinkedIn is a little different than other platforms as engagement might not be as intense as it would be elsewhere. Most users are aware of the ads and constantly avoid them. How do you get around to them? The only way is to stand out using positive content marketing and by constantly maintaining a strong profile.

How to up your LinkedIn Content Strategy in 2020?

Read through, we have got the top 6 tips to educate your audience, keep them interested in the customer journey and excel at marketing on the platform.

1. Clearly define your LinkedIn marketing goal

Like any good marketing story, before strategy comes goal setting. What is your LinkedIn content strategy goal? You can achieve any of the following:

  • Get converting leads for your brand or business.
  • Increase your brand reach and awareness.
  • Advertise or promote your products and services on the platform.
  • Interact and connect with potential clients.
  • Build a strong and loyal community around your business.

Once you have a goal set, the rest of the steps can follow.

2. What is your content media and content type for LinkedIn?

First and foremost, it is important to get familiarised with the content media profile through which you can publish your posts and engage with your audience.

The LinkedIn content media types are:

  • Personal profile
  • Company or business profile
  • Inmails or direct messages
  • Groups
  • Emails
  • External content

The different content types are:

  • Articles
  • Text posts
  • Image posts
  • Video posts
  • Link sharing

Take advantage of native content on the platform to regularly post about your brand. Native content on LinkedIn is similar to that of other platforms where content can be published on the brand’s profile itself and it does not require users to leave the platform to view it.

Like any other social media platform today, LinkedIn too continuously changes its algorithm. For example, previously it prioritised only articles, giving them the highest reach and slowly moved to text-only content. At the moment, native videos are being prioritised. This needs to be understood by the marketer to tweak their LinkedIn content strategy accordingly.

One great tip is to always maintain a strong content ratio consisting of 10-20% promotional content and 80-95% high-quality, relatable content. Make sure you include different types of content such as videos, text, articles etc, also keeping an eye on the algorithm changes.

LinkedIn articles:

Linkedin Marketing Strategy 2020

LinkedIn native video posts:

linkedin content marketing examples

LinkedIn image and text posts:

Linkedin Content Marketing,

3. Be creative with your theme and topics.

There are three important parts that help you pull and retain your audience. Before starting off, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Will your audience love it?
  • Does the content showcase your expertise?
  • Does it help you filter your audience and help retain the ones you want?

The secret to successful content creation lies in answering these questions correctly. Create a theme for your page, be relevant to your brand, do not repeat the same content over and over again. Be unique, be engaging and creative with whatever you post. Keep in mind that social media is like conversing with a person so keep your copy simple. Here are some topics you can include in your LinkedIn content strategy.

  • Brand talk
  • Industry news
  • Events
  • Opinions
  • Announcements
  • Achievements
  • Motivational content
  • Business strategies

4. Organize your content flow and create a posting schedule.

For smooth functioning of your content, make sure your entire team is on the same page. The content team must be briefed on what needs to be put out for goals to be achieved. Content (text, video, etc) needs to be researched, planned, error-free and well-executed. The visuals and graphics need to be of high-quality.

5. Populate your sales funnel using Native content on LinkedIn.

Once you have your content ready and published, you have to make sure your audience moves away from your profile and lands on your website to narrow your sales funnel. The aim is to create as many touch points as possible so the audience is well versed with your brand and in turn convert.

For each piece of content that is created, also create a lead or a link that takes the audience to specific parts of your website or landing page for conversions. This may lead to them giving their phone numbers and email addresses. Engage with other people’s content and bring in users onto your page from there. Leave meaningful and high-quality comments to make yourself more visible. Make sure your content is optimized for visibility. Create your own brand hashtag and use it relevantly. This also helps you in getting recognized.

6. Build company influencers along with your company’s profile.

Follow people, connect with similar brands like yours and subtly provoke them to share your content. Completely optimize your profile so people get the entire picture when they land on it. Go above and beyond just posting content to make your page a successful one.


In conclusion, we would like to state that it is important to understand your audience and give them what they want. Publish regularly, keep your readers engaged so they come back for more. Mix up your content to give heed to all types of content consumption types. If you need help in optimizing your LinkedIn page and gain competitive advantage, we are the people to talk to. We come with a vast experience and expertise in creating the best profiles and advertising on LinkedIn to bring it guaranteed leads. Get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to help!