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Latest Google Algorithm Update 2019

Did you hear about the latest Google Update 2019?

Google recently introduced an update on it’s Featured Snippets Algorithm. The update on the Featured Snippets algorithm lets one understand which information needs fresh content for a particular query.

What kind of queries need freshness?
Google identifies :

  • Current affairs and events
  • Data that is updated regularly and
  • Information that changes with time as queries that need freshness in content.

The ultimate aim of this latest Google Update 2019 is to completely eliminate content that is old and not useful.

The part that remains most important is for the system to identify which content deserves freshness and which one loses its effectiveness over a period of time.

Current events and affairs:

Google listed these as information that is up to date. This kind of data is useful to a user only when it is current and becomes outdated as time progresses.

Data that is updated regularly:

The perfect example of this can be a calendar-based event like the next full moon, your favourite show on TV or any upcoming holidays.

Information that changes with time:

These can apply to a movie release date, an upcoming premiere night.


What about content that is evergreen?

Fact-based search queries are the best examples of this. They do not need regular updates or tweaks as facts remain to be the same with the passing of time.

What are some of the important points to note from this latest Google Update 2019?

  • Publishers would rather be forced to re-evaluate which content is evergreen and what needs to be updated.
  • Useful content that is relevant to the users will be shown better.

Google is always striving to give its users a good experience on the platform and is constantly evolving. The latest Google algorithm update is a testament to that. What are your thoughts on this new update?

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For example, the answer to the question ‘why does the sun rise in the east? can’t be different.

The above point debunks the SEO myth that Google prefers to rank new and fresh content on top. The search engine is smart enough to know that facts remain facts and it doesn’t affect the rankings of fresh websites.

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