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Why Landing Page Is Important For PPC Success

Landing pageIf you are new to digital marketing and would like to know why landing pages are crucial to a PPC campaign, then you are at the right place. We will give you important information like what landing pages actually are and why should you have one for your PPC campaign. Let’s get down to business. 

What is a landing page? 

A landing page basically is a web page a user or a customer can ‘land’ on when using the internet. These pages are stand-alone pages that are different from the pages on a main website. These are specifically developed for the purpose of advertising, especially to generate conversions or leads. 

A landing page is one where the user does not have much scope to navigate unlike on the main web page. This subconsciously forces the user or the web page visitor to focus on the message present on the landing page and increase the chances of a conversion to happen. 

Landing pages are closely related to your PPC campaigns. Let’s explore the relationship between the two in the below paragraphs. We list you the best practices that can be explored to increase your leads. 

1. Landing pages help improve paid search campaigns

Google AdWords grades pages based on a term called the ‘Quality Score’. This Quality Score is determined by the following factors: 

  • The relevance of every keyword used in the ad group. 
  • The relevance of the ad text. 
  • The CTR or click-through-rate of the ad. 
  • The quality and relevance of the landing page.

The better the quality score, the higher the click-through-rate is generally. This means you are getting more value from your campaign. Google is always trying to push ads to users that are the closest to their searches. This is where a landing page comes in handy as it has less information and more or less has the message close to what the user is looking for. There is a huge likelihood of the user clicking on the call-to-action or CTA here. This is a direct benefit to the business.

2. Landing pages can help generate insights and data

Apart from Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, a landing page can help identify the most efficient channel to generate leads. The insights generated through a landing page can also help identify the kind of messages or calls-to-action the brand needs to be putting out. This also directly leads to increased interaction, increased user experience and a lower cost per lead. 

3. Landing pages help increase conversions

It is common for a business to use search engines as an advertisement platform as compared to a social media platform, which is usually used to increase its brand awareness. As far as customer psychology goes, PPC traffic is different from organic traffic and hence it needs to be marketed differently. With PPC advertising, the content or the message has to be crisp, to the point and be attractive to the user as the window of opportunity is very limited. The user either clicks on the form and fills it out or simply leaves the page. There is no in-between. Hence it is important for a marketer to be precise with his/her information. When the information is short, easy to understand and is in alignment with what the user is looking for, there is a better chance for an action to take place and hence for a conversion to happen.

As we mentioned before, landing pages are different from the main website and are set up with the help of different online tools like Instapage, Unbounce and Leadpages. There are scores of landing page tools available to choose from today. Advertisers are also allowed to do A/B testing or split testing of the calls-to-action, the copy of the landing page and even the images used. This can improve the conversions and help bring more traffic on the main website too. 

Are you a brand or a business looking for guaranteed results? We suggest you use landing pages for the same and most importantly, use it the right way. Need help with that? We are here for you. Our expertise lies in helping brands generate leads directly through landing pages. We use other additions like chatbots, omnichannel marketing and content marketing to promote your brand. Come talk to us at our office or you can reach us at +91 9087706000 to see how we can come together to make it happen for you. Happy marketing!