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5 Easy Tips To Promote Your Business On Instagram During COVID-19

We live in a time of uncertainty today and businesses must tread the path of promoting themselves on different social media platforms with utmost care. They must be sensitive to the current situation in order to ride the wave, be seen in a positive light, and keep their customers to stay loyal with their brand. 

Instagram is one such platform that has seen great transformations since the start of the pandemic. People have stopped posting about the outdoors, their social lives, and are now posting about their lives within the four walls of their homes. 

People are connecting and being in touch with each other through social media. They are also following their favorite celebrities, personalities, and brands. The way businesses and brands are posting have also changed. They have come out of their regular rut of posting about general business updates and are using this time as a good chance to connect with their audience. As people want to see more of the brands with the messaging “we are always here for you no matter what”, businesses are looking for ways in which they can incorporate this into their marketing.

If you are losing track of how to go about promoting your business on Instagram due to the current situation, we have the answers for you. Read all about Instagram marketing below. 

Increase The Trust In Your Brand

If you are a brand that needs to interact with customers directly, make sure you show it to them that it is safe to do so. Educate the audience through your posts about the steps taken by your business to ensure safety and that you are taking the necessary social distancing precautions. Show them the real images instead of just putting up graphics and illustrations. Make the caption copy light-hearted, fun, and engaging to help increase the trust in your brand and also bring in the necessary conversions. 

Add Value To Your Customer 

As it is a low time for all businesses, you must take this time to focus on adding value first and providing resources rather than focusing on direct conversions. This marketing strategy is going to help you in the long run as you are being useful and beneficial to your users in the time of need. Since a lot of people now have time on their hands, make your posts engaging and educative. 

For example, if you are a beauty brand, you can use a Q&A or if you are a fitness brand, you can do live Instagram sessions to help users do short workouts with you. If you are a cosmetics brand, you can do live makeup tutorials and influencer takeovers. These are just some of the many ways in which you can entice the audience and keep them hooked on your business. 

Building Brand Loyalty And Brand Awareness 

Communication is key. Take this time to be transparent, genuine, and nurture relationships. The pattern that we see during this time is that brands are using the element of surprise and giveaways to keep customers loyal to the brand and also increase engagement. Fashion brand Boohoo recently did a ‘Boohoo In The House’ campaign where the followers could take part in 7 days of giveaways. This brought them great traction and helped in increasing brand loyalty. 

Since no one is going out, the stay at home time is a great period to build brand awareness for your business. 

Advertise Smartly 

People can get tone-deaf or completely ignore advertisements during this time, but several brands are putting out great campaigns that are hard to miss. The trick is to find the perfect balance between shoving your products down their throats to marketing to them in a sensitive and subtle way. 

For example, tourism body Visit Brisbane is subtly live streaming #VirtualSunshine to highlight the beautiful Brisbane weather at this time and encourage their audience to think of it as their next travel destination. 

Keep Your Patrons In The Loop

This is not the time to stop your marketing budget and not be visible on social media. In fact, you should be doing the exact opposite. Your loyal customers must know that you are there for them no matter what. Instagram is a great way to show them the offers on board by keeping the messaging casual. 

Keep your customers up to date with the happenings of your business with the help of Instagram Stories. Give them a sneak peek of the behind the scenes, the safety procedures you have in place and any other updates. Create a personal bond between you and your customer. 

These are some of the many good tips you can use on Instagram to keep your customers to yourself. If you are a business that needs help, especially during the current situation, our team of experts can come to the rescue. We specialise in out-of-the-box ideas, the best tips and tricks to make your Instagram account and all the other social media accounts stand out. Wondering how we can help you with Instagram marketing? We suggest you talk to our marketing ninja today and we will get back to you with the best marketing plan for your business before you know it! Happy quarantine-marketing! 

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