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Why use hashtags on Social Media? Here’s everything you need to know!

Everyone knows what hashtags are and most people know that they are used on social media networks. But knowing what they are and what they can do is not the same as using it correctly. It is important that people understand the difference between hashtags or just a statement.

For a long time, hashtags were popular on the micro-blogging site – Twitter. It all started in 2007 by Chris Messina. It later spread to Instagram, users then took the hashtag frenzy to Facebook even though Facebook didn’t support the feature back then. Later in 2013, Facebook got on the hashtag bandwagon making their hashtags clickable and searchable. Due to its popularity, the Oxford English Dictionary also made the word part of it in June 2014.

What is a hashtag?

Hashtags are a type of metadata tag, that are used on social media to track a conversation, trend or topic. You can use them by adding a ‘#’ (hash sign) before a core word or a phrase. Here are some examples of hashtags: #PhotoOfTheDay #TBT #FreakyFriday, etc.

How do hashtags work?

The metadata tag allows a hashtag to be indexed on a social media platform, allowing you to categorise it to find it later. In simple terms, when used within a message, it can be used to identify a topic of interest. It is then indexed by a social network and becomes discoverable by other users.

What is the purpose of a hashtag?

Hashtags are used to make your content engaging. When a hashtag is used in a post, it allows other users that are not known to you, to be able to find your post. You can use this to find other brand or user-generated content on your desired theme or topic.

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To make hashtags valid, avoid using space between the phrase. Instead, use digits or underscores if needed. For hygiene purposes, you could also use embedded capital letters in your hashtags. This makes the hashtag less confusing and more legible.

How to use hashtags on Facebook (or any social media)?

Hashtags can be used following your status or any video/photo description. While you can use hashtags to tag popular words in your status. Some may prefer adding it towards the end. If you have a business, use hashtags that speak about your business keywords such as #Banking #Healthcare #Fashion or more. Search for more unique hashtags on websites that provide them to you.

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Businesses now can also start brand conversations using customised hashtags online. Alternatively, the power of the hashtag has grown so much that companies use them offline on pamphlets, ads, banners, etc so people can track them and connect back to social media to learn more.

The top trending social media hashtags of 2018 were :

Here are the most effective hashtags of 2019 on Facebook :


Don’t be afraid to lookup more trending hashtags on Facebook so you can use them online. Understanding where to use what hashtag is key. Hashtags such as #instagood #igers #instame are mostly used on Instagram but are not very Facebook appropriate, you should use other related hashtags on Facebook.

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