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15 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a field that is catching fire with all types of businesses alike. It is rapidly evolving and hence is of great interest to people to continuously learn about it. Since we are a digital marketing company, our clients tend to ask us a lot of questions about the same.

We have decided to curate and answer the top common digital marketing questions asked to us in the most simplified manner. Read on to find out.

1. What is digital marketing and is it applicable for my business?

It is the marketing of a brand’s product or services digitally using mediums like social media, mobile advertising, email marketing, display advertising and more. It uses different tactics to reach, engage and convert a user to a consumer. Every business today can make use of digital marketing to take their brand to greater heights. It is easy to do so and is cost-effective.
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2. What is lead generation?

The process of generating customer interest and raise queries about the product through strategically tested campaigns and effective advertising is called as lead generation. The final goal of lead generation is to increase sales and profits.

3. What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to increase the traffic of a website organically. It is also to see that the website ranks better in search engine results. SEO is a slow process but gives guaranteed results if done right.

4. What are keywords?

Keywords are a broad way to define what your content is all about. In SEO terms, keywords are used by a user to search for queries on the search network. Keywords need to be relevant so there is a better chance of a user landing on your website for a particular search.

5. What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords can be used by businesses and brands to place ads on Google and its advertising platform. It uses an advertising model called ‘Pay Per Click’ where the user can set a budget for their advertising and only get billed if their ad is clicked on. Advertising here focuses on keywords.

6. What is a Call-to-action and where to use them?

Call-to-action is an instruction given to the user to do something. It indicates a particular action that leads to a prompt. Call now, book today, click here are some of the common call-to-action phrases we come across. They are included in ads, meta titles, blogs and websites.

7. What is the best way to increase conversion rates?

In the digital sphere, conversion rates are calculated differently. It is taken as the ratio of the total visitors to the visitors who have performed the desired action. Every business has its own set of goals and strategies. Testing is one way to see how your ideas are talking with your audience. Tweaking them as you go and changing your style, design and format can help in increasing conversion rates.

8. What is a responsive webpage?

A website that is optimized for all formats, namely desktop, mobile and tablet, is called a responsive website or a responsive webpage. It includes everything from load time to format. The faster the website loads, the more attractive it is and the easier it is to the user to manoeuvre, they are bound to stick around for a longer time.

9. Explain the difference between marketing and branding.

There is a general confusion about it and this one of the common digital marketing questions asked. The simplest explanation is that branding is the exposure of a business to a larger audience to garner interest using custom ads, YouTube ads, display ads and remarketing. Marketing or direct marketing is the approach used to reach the target audience. Sell them something or showcase your product in order to convert them. This uses search network ads, shopping ads and dynamic search ads.

10. What are some types of digital marketing channels?

Every channel in digital marketing is used for a specific type of advertising. They can be broadly classified into:

· Social Media Marketing
· Email Marketing
· Display Advertising
· Search Marketing
· Affiliated Marketing
· Video Advertising
· Online Public Relations

11. What is online PR or online public relations?

Online PR is a digital marketing strategy used to help brands gain authority online and generate links. Brands can build themselves and generate website traffic by backlinking the content back to the web pages.

12. What is reputation management?

This is one of the key factors to prove that a brand is authentic and standalone. It helps clients take control of what is shown to a user about them online. Reputation management campaigns can be run to increase a client’s brand image and online presence.

13. How many digital marketing strategies must a brand focus on?

Each brand works differently and makes use of a different strategy to do well in the digital front. Digital marketing is all about experimenting to see what works for your business and what doesn’t. Campaigns targeting different types of audiences require an alternate approach and strategy. Digital marketing is a combination of different things working in tandem to achieve the desired goals.

14. How can one increase their email list?

A business can collect emails in multiple ways. One way is to switch on the opt-in feature or subscribe feature and introducing automatic sections requiring the audience to type in their email address and name. This forms a part of your database.

15. What do I look for in a digital marketing company?

Experience and expertise is something one needs to look out for before signing on the agreement papers. Make sure they show proven results and also check to see if they have worked with similar brands. A good agency or the right digital marketing company can help pave the best path for a brand’s success.

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