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What Are The Hot Updates In Digital Marketing Today?

Digital Marketing is one field that is constantly evolving. For you to excel in this sphere, make sure you keep yourself and also your work updated according to the latest trends. Let us take a look at some of the top digital marketing trends and digital marketing news, updates below.

1. Google Will Now Show Podcasts in SERPs

Today podcasts have become the most consumed form of communication. There are millions of podcasts available on different channels on the internet today. With a wide range of listeners, the platform gives people a chance to discuss various topics such as sports, politics, events, news, music, travel etc.

One challenge that podcasters have faced is trying to promote them outside their platform. For a user, it is still difficult to look for good podcasts on search engines. Keeping this in mind, Google has announced in I/O 2019 that it is going to index podcasts into SERPs. This will greatly help advertisers in promoting their podcasts to different users according to the top digital marketing trends.

It will work similarly to a video search on Google’s mobile or desktop search. This new update will now allow you to download or play a new podcast without switching to a new page. This works similarly in the voice search results too. A brilliant way to optimize the experience of podcast listeners. What are your thoughts about this digital marketing news?

2. Google Is Introducing Images In Paid Search Ads.

What is this new digital marketing news and how to pay for it?

One major announcement to come out of this year’s Google Marketing Live is the addition of Gallery Ads on the search network. These will be rolled out to advertisers globally soon.

A gallery ad is a set of large swipeable images for a particular search query. A user can just swipe through the images to know what it is and click to expand to view further. For uploading a gallery ad, the advertiser has to put up to 4-8 images, three headlines to test and up to a 70 character description.

This is a new ad type that runs along with the other types of ads on the search network. They are chargeable either as a normal text ad or when a user clicks on it as a cost-to-click basis.

Images drive a major chunk of the engagement and this is one of the top digital marketing trends welcomed by all.

3. WhatsApp and Instagram are Getting Rebranded.

Reflecting the ownership of WhatsApp and Instagram by Facebook, the apps are now being rebranded with “From Facebook” being added to the end of their names. The social media giant wants people to be clearer of the products owned by them. It feels that it has not got enough recognition or credit for the growth of its two major acquisitions. Though nothing about the apps is going to change with the new update, it will be interesting to see how the logo design changes and how can this be incorporated into the brand. Do you think this is a good idea?

4. LinkedIn is Launching Audience Engagement Insights with New Partners

LinkedIn is adding 5 new third-party analytics platforms that integrate with the LinkedIn Audience Engagement API. They are Amobee, Annalect, Hootsuite, Ogilvy and Sprinklr. This will greatly help marketers as it will give them access to audience insights, industry standards and content, helping them understand what works on the platform therefore increasing performance.

5. Google’s indexing issues are resolved.

The search engine giant has recently confirmed that it is once again able to crawl, index and rank new content within minutes. Tests on this also confirms the same. Now if you search for a particular topic, you will find the most recent results presented to you within minutes of being published.

6. Google allows hotels to add services & amenities in Google My Business.

Under “Hotel Attributes”, hotels can now edit its services and amenities on its Google My Business account. However, you can only edit these from the desktop. The recent hiccup in Google My Business hotels page may be due to this update.


7. Say goodbye to average position reporting from Google Ads

Google is retiring average position reporting as of September 30th. Even though it has been around for 15 years, its utility has declined over the years. It first introduced this in shopping campaigns to give users an insight of the average position in search campaigns. Advertisers can now keep this top digital trend in mind and now transition to other updates introduced last year like search top impression rate and search absolute top impression rate for analysis.

8. Facebook might be adding slideshow option to stories.

In order to get more people posting on stories on Facebook, the social media company is introducing slideshow option enabling users to add images as a slideshow in their stories. This option is added to make it post a set of pictures from an event, for example, together rather than posting one after the other. Are stories the next big thing to boost engagement – the next top digital marketing trend to look out for?


9. Facebook expands search ads placements to more advertisers.

Facebook search ad options have been significantly expanded. The effectiveness of these ad placements lies in the product or service you’re offering and the specifics of one’s listings.

10. Instagram and IGTV introduces Desktop Publishing from Creator Studio

Instagram heavily relies on photos and videos and influencers are best at marketing and reviewing a particular product on the platform. It is hands down, the best place for brands to showcase themselves. Switching to a Creator Profile helps in having flexible profile controls, access to growth tools and simplified messaging.

11. Instagram is closing meme accounts with millions of followers.

The platform sighted multiple violations of policies as the reason behind shutting down dozens of mene accounts. This is an eye opener for people relying only on Instagram to do business. Think twice before breaking any policies as Instagram is showing no mercy in removing these accounts.

12. Social Media Giant Facebook removes thousands of interest targets which are outdated.

Advertisers using the interest groups that are being removed will be notified of this prompting them to change the targets over a period of time. Removing of outdated interest targets helps in its maintenance and clears clutter. It will give a chance for advertisers to select interest targets specifically without any confusion.

13. Google Search Image Launches New Preview Box.

Google has been testing this update for a little over a month now. It has launched a new image interface and a new design for the image preview box. This update shows the image in a larger frame with more details related to the image. You can scroll through the details without scrolling further to see more details.

14. Google introduces App + Web for combined reporting in Google Ads.

Google is rolling out a new analytics reporting in which website management and interaction between different apps becomes easier. It is simplifying the process of measuring engagement by introducing this new property type. App + Web property type allows users to combine all of the app and web data in one report. Welcome to an easier way of reporting.


See how Facebook plans to integrate Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

We, as a top digital marketing company try to incorporate all the new things in digital and digital marketing news in our work as and when they’re out. This gives us time to test, optimize and analyze the results for each client and help them up their businesses with us. If you are a digital marketing junkie like us and would like to keep yourself abreast with the new things in digital or digital marketing news and the top digital marketing trends, we strongly suggest you to click the blue button below.

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