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Top Tips For Choosing The Best Web Host & Domain For Your Business

A small but significant question that every marketer, small business owner or advertiser has is: how to choose the perfect web hosting provider and domain for my website?

We don’t blame you. It is imperative that this step is done carefully until you find the right one for you. Once you are with the right fit, a credible and high-performing host can help you with all kinds of hiccups anytime through phone, text or email. Do not get into this step without doing a bit of research. Choosing the right web host is crucial for your business.

Web hosting is where people spend a significant amount of money without even realizing it. While choosing the right web host for your business, there are two things to keep in mind:

  • You must have complete access to your website.
  • Safety and security of your website.

A website needs to have quality and be highly responsive. Choosing the right web host company just for the price alone is a big no-no. We give you some top tips for choosing the best hosting company or account for your business.

1.What kind of web host do you need for your business?

A website host needs to be carefully picked based on the type of your business. Would you need a shared server or a single server? For a business that is all about videos, vlogging, live streaming and heavy-duty uploads, a shared server might not be useful as it is capable of handling small websites that have fewer demands. A web host shouldn’t be selected solely because it costs lesser as this will have negative repercussions in the form of slow response times and low website quality. For choosing the right package, choose the one with features best suited for your business out of the four kinds of servers available. Understand the needs of your brand for choosing the right web host for your brand.
where should i host my website

The servers provided are one of these 4 types.

  • Shared server: This is the most common option available for small businesses that do not see much traffic on their websites. Shared hosting simply means that more than one website is stored on the server or hardware. They are inexpensive and are the best option for small-time bloggers, startups, etc
  • Dedicated server: It means that a single server hosts a single website. The full focus is on the single website that the server hosts. These services are more expensive than hosting on shared servers. A dedicated server is useful when performance is paramount.
  • Virtual Private Server or VPS or Cloud hosting: This is very similar to a shared server where more than one website is hosted on the cloud server or on the virtual private server. VPS has more features than a shared or dedicated server and also provides flexibility and better security options. VPS is the best option for businesses that have huge traffic and the features keep changing.
  • WordPress: This server is specially designed to maintain WordPress pages. This is commonly used by content creators, bloggers, journalists, etc.

2. Should you go for the ‘free domain ‘option?

Research is important. Even though the first year is free, you will have to pay for renewal every year. How much is that going to cost? Make sure you take note of all these beforehand and keep that sum aside for yearly renewal. A few other points to keep in mind regarding free domains are that they are not always SEO friendly, cannot be indexed easily and the speed of the website is low.

3. What are their security features and what do the reviews say?

Websites might contain private customer information and there is a high chance of security breaches. The web hosting company must provide the customer with a variety of security options within the website for safe transactions to take place. Reviews can give you a great deal of information about the reputation of the company. Take note of how the company reacts to feedback and if they even bother to solve customer complaints.

4. What is the backup plan for your data?

Take disc space and bandwidth into consideration while looking to buy shared web hosting. This can be useful in case your website gets huge traffic including big files and downloads. Establish a good rapport with your web host and make sure they have good customer support. They can offer different levels of storage as you need it and the pricing will depend on the bandwidth required.


Hope your questions about web hosting are solved. In conclusion, understand your website, research and compare before choosing your website host. Are you looking for the best web host? We can help you find the right one for you. We are Let’s Goo Social, a 360° digital marketing company providing marketing solutions with innovative designs using the latest updates. Do reach out to us and we will be happy to get back to you!