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10 Must Have Digital Marketing Tools To Help You Grow

Digital Marketing Tools

With everything moving into the digital sphere it’s easier to mark your presence online today. There are hundreds of digital marketing companies at your disposal, ready to offer you their services.

To boost your presence online or to bring about good or a substantial return on investment, one must be skilled at digital marketing, it’s strategies and execution. Applying the required techniques and constantly adapting to the updates will get you where you want to be.

There are multiple digital marketing tools available for that can make your life easier by the click of a button. Here is a list of the top 10 digital marketing tools that are a must have for quick and easy manoeuvring across the platforms:

1. SerpStat

Serpstat s the best keyword research tool to plan and align your keywords that can be used to grow your website traffic.
It is very user friendly and you can search for any keyword directly from the dashboard. It will also give you the monthly google searches right there. You can also track your competitor’s keywords, track backlinks and many small but important things through Serpstat.

2. Buzzsumo

To rank better and do well on social media, you should be a little different than the rest. Buzzsumo allows you to discover content and helps analyse how different topics are performing.

Discussion forums are a huge part of correction and tweaking from an analyst’s point of view. Buzzsumo allows you to discover the most popular inquiries and questions asked on the various discussion forums like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Quora etc., through its recently released questions analyser tool.

3. Google Analytics

It is no doubt that Google’s tools are the best. Google Analytics is simply a must have when it comes to websites. It gives you an in-depth view of one’s website traffic, website visitor geolocation, bounce rates and much more. It also gives you real-time stats on the website traffic, the devices being used and the sources. This information is very important for analysts for helping businesses grow and drive sales.

4. Slack

Slack a cloud based collaboration tool is great for teams working in an office environment. The tool helps you hire developers, share and check code across teams and individuals measure A/B testing and review sales contracts.

The best thing about this tool is the accessibility to the various organizational genres without overlap. This is a great platform to network and a preferred medium by many organizations.

5. Pingdom

Bounce rates on a website must be closely checked. A website’s loading time directly affects the conversion rates. Pingdom is one of the best tools to check and monitor your website speed and it also gives you tips on what exactly to tweak to make your website perform better.

6. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a great email marketing tools that helps you glide with ease and finesse. They have a well-designed template, user friendly interface and are highly functional. This tool helps you create appealing email campaigns and you can create impactful campaigns within minutes. Quick solutions like these are a boon.

7. Bannersnack

Display ads are a great and important part of digital marketing. Bannersnack helps you design ads in every shape, size and format. Make your banners unique with the help of their pre-loaded templates, powerful call-to-actions and highly interactive elements. The banners are well-suited for all social networks.

8. Woopra

This is an analytics platform, designed especially for ecommerce businesses. Woopra helps you see where your visitors are and exactly where they leave the page. This information is greatly useful to track the checkout process.

9. SEMRush

SEMRush has many in-built digital marketing tools that help experts track and improve their ranking. This is one of the most used tools by marketers. One can monitor, look at competitor backlinks and conduct a full length competitor analysis using SEMRush.

10. Zendesk

With customers turning online to reach out to brands, it is important that business adapt to customer service tools. Zendesk is one that perfectly does the job for you. This comes with a complete set of tools that helps your support team respond to all your customer needs. Streamline your customer service today with the help of this tool.


Digital marketing tools come in handy and make it super easy and quick for marketers to do their jobs. Let us know some of your favourite tools in the comments.

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