How AI Can Change Email Marketing In 2020?

We live in a digital world that is ever-changing. With new innovations and technologies popping up every day, it is important that we as advertisers are on the top of our game. Email marketing is one such area that can take massive advantage of these new technologies. Email artificial intelligence is here to help take your brand strategy to the next level. 

AI tech is extremely useful as it allows marketers to analyze huge amounts of data efficiently and effectively which would be a huge task for a human. Artificial intelligence lets you see the areas of email marketing that need tweaking and work to be done. Today’s advancements in AI firewalls allow them to block unwanted emails thereby improving marketing strategies. Make sure to use a verified email list before setting up your email campaigns. How will AI impact your email marketing campaigns? We explain it to you below. 

Artificial Intelligence gives you the best email send timings

The time at which the email is received by the end-user influences it a lot. The opening rate and the conversion rates depend on the timing. It is very crucial to send emails to the user at the right date and time. You need to be aware of when the customer or client is ready to open their emails, if he or she is busy during the day or night and at what times have they set for themselves to open their inbox. 

This is where automation and AI play an important role. Artificial Intelligence performs this analysis for you and gives you the best times to send out emails to different kinds of users and subscribers. This frees up your schedule and allows you to focus on other important aspects of marketing.

Send more personalized emails with the help of AI

Personalization works wonders in your email marketing. The impact that a personalized subject line or content has on the user itself is enormous. This can substantially improve your click-through rates and in turn, bring you revenue.

AI allows marketers to tailor the email campaign to the reader’s interests. The best strategy to collect data is to ask them to establish their preferences while signing up or after they’ve received the welcome mail from the brand. AI allows you to analyze in-depth user behavior which is greatly useful in customizing email campaigns for them. Stand out from the hundreds of emails a user receives on a daily basis through personalization. 

Optimize your subject lines with AI

Research tells us that almost 40% of people open an email based on the subject line. The subject line is the most crucial element of your entire email. They determine if your email is opened by the user or is directly sent to trash. In today’s fast-paced life, nobody has the time to go through lengthy emails. Make your subject lines crisp, as catchy as possible and to the point instead of long ones that don’t really describe the content in the email. Keep the body of the email short too. 

Where does AI come into the picture here? AI can sift through thousands of emails and help identify the type of subject lines users are responding to the most. This easily helps you to form subject lines based on this data. For effective use of email marketing, AI is the way to go! 

Most of the marketers and businesses are already using AI to develop, plan and execute their email marketing campaigns and it is time you do it too. Need help with it? Join hands with the best digital marketing company – Let’s Goo Social. We excel in creating emails with high click-through rates and high engagement. We will help you take your business to the next level. Reach out to us at +91 9087706000 today! 

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