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Get the best SEO Services for your company from a top SEO company in Chennai. We have packages that suit your budget and suggest the best way forward for your company. Would you like to know more? Give us a call us at +91 9087706000 | +65 8008526877. and we will be happy to help. Take a look at our expert SEO services:

Generating A List Of Keywords
Building Keyword-friendly Pages
Setting Up A Personal Business Blog
Generating A Link-building Plan
Using Only New And Trending Seo Practices
Measuring, Tracking And Reporting Your Seo Results
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Why choose us

Research has shown that SEO plays a significant role in the success of a business online. Our experienced team constantly checks your website for SEO friendly optimization to rank better on Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. Tracking, measuring and in-depth analysis are done on a regular basis for maximum website performance. Improve your prospects of getting noticed with our expert SEO help today.

Our Google Certified staff promise round the clock support, bring in their knowledge to make sure your website comes on the first page of search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google etc. We will also help increase your brand’s visibility, reach, website traffic, credibility and increase your return on investment on a monthly basis. We will fix all website related issues and stop them from recurring. We use tried and tested strategies to achieve your business goals and guarantee long-lasting results for your business in just 3 months!

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO exactly and how does it work?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something that is majorly done by SEO Companies in Chennai and all around the country. SEO is a technique used to optimize a website so that it shows up organically or naturally on top of a user’s search results. The top results on a search page get more attention and have high click-through rates. Many notable companies use Let’s Goo Social’s SEO services and have deemed us the best SEO services company In Chennai and the best SEO Company in Singapore for their business. We have helped skyrocket many businesses using the latest SEO techniques. SEO is not an easy task. It takes months of hard work to bring in the results and that’s one of the reasons for you to choose Let’s Goo Social today – the Best SEO Company In Chennai!

If you need to get in touch with us, simply call +91 9087706000 | +65 8008526877.

Who are we?

As the best SEO company in Chennai, we love exploring everything digital. Our hunger for all things online has helped us fare well. A perfect combination of technical knowledge, marketing know-how, and interest for digital marketing comprises the LGS squad.

Our team of SEO experts is ready to work day in and day out to bring your company to the top. You don’t become a leading SEO company without proven results. We have clients across India and Singapore. Our packages are customizable depending upon the SEO services needed by your company.

How SEO can help skyrocket your business?

  • Bring an influx of quality visitors to your website.
  • Drive sales drastically.
  • Bring down your acquisition cost.
  • Bring in new sales leads.
  • Help build brand awareness.
  • Cheaper than other marketing channels.

Let’s Goo Social’s Step-by-Step SEO Process:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Complete Website Audit
  • Competitor Webpages Analysis
  • Off-Page Quality Check
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Tracking and Analysis

1. Keyword Research and Analysis

This is the most important and crucial job before starting SEO for a company. The success of SEO for a company or a business depends on this step and helps to reach the right audience. Being an experienced SEO specialist in Chennai, Let’s Goo Social can help you identify the keywords to bring your website to the top, thereby increasing leads and in turn, sales.

2. Complete Website Audit

When the user lands on your website, he or she is looking for answers. You need to make it easy for them to reach you. A complete audit of your website in terms of user interaction, loading time, design, content quality needs to be performed by our SEO specialists and experts. This is useful for the long run.

3. Competitor Webpages Analysis

A detailed study of your competitor is one and the idea is to be two steps ahead of them. Creating a better SEO strategy by the best SEO company in Chennai can put you ahead of the competition.

4. Off-Page Quality Check

Checking of quality backlinks is done with laser precision. Backlinks are the links that a website gets from another website. A website’s online presence and prominence depends heavily on backlinks, improving the website’s SEO ranking. A top SEO company in Chennai like ours can help you with that.

5. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is optimizing individual webpages to rank better on search engines. The content and HTML source code are optimized here, along with other steps.

6. Content Creation

Relevant SEO-friendly content which is original, interesting and useful to the audience needs to be on the website. At our expert SEO company, we have expert content writers who have years of experience in writing SEO and keyword-focused content.

7. Search Engine Submission

This step involves submitting the website to leading search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

8. Off-Page Optimization

Quality backlinks are given based on the perfect SEO strategy for your company.

9. Tracking and Analysis

Top tools like Google Webmasters and Google Analytics are used to track and analyze your website on a regular basis.

SEO is an important part of marketing for any company that is looking to make a name for itself in the digital front. It is a strategic step-by-step process for a website to rank better on the search engines. It takes time, hard work and patience to get there. It is important for an SEO Agency to identify what works for you and what doesn’t and act accordingly. SEO is responsible for a company’s reach, visibility, sales, leads and credibility.

The best search engine optimization strategy is dependent on the type of company and what it needs. An expert SEO specialist in Chennai like ours will do a complete check of what is the best path for your company based on your needs.

Although both are important, SEO is a sure shot way of organically bringing your website up the ranks. SEO is free while PPC is paid where one needs to pay per click of the user interaction, as the name advocates.

Backlinks are the links that a website gets from another website. A website’s online presence and prominence depend heavily on backlinks, improving the website’s SEO ranking. A top SEO company in Chennai like ours can help you with that.

It is a must for start-ups to be strong with their SEO strategy and execution as they are just entering into the wrestling ring and need to outdo competitors to rank better and get known among their audience.

An SEO company needs to be carefully selected as your company’s online presence depends on the work they do. SEO specialists in Chennai who can do the work for you in the right manner is what you have to look for. Experience, expertise and knowledge come into choosing the best SEO company for your company.

SEO consultants in Chennai like us can help you get started with SEO for your new website. A detailed study would be done and the plan would be explained to you to slowly crawl up the ladder and rank better.

What Our Clients Says About us
Ecommerce Digital Marketing
Ayur Egg

LGS has contributed a lot towards the growth of our company. We have expanded our brand from the store shelves to be an e-commerce product with the help of their excellent branding. Our sales considerably increased and the return ad spend was satisfying too.

Real Estate Digital Marketing
Arima Constructions

LGS has built our brand and helped us reach visibility among our audience. Our social media profile is stronger than ever because of their innovative ideas to put our brand out there. Let’s hope to reach heights together in the near-future.

Photography Digital Marketing
My Winks Photography

Being a creative organization, we can for sure say that their campaigns and ideas are creative and perfectly executed. They did an awesome initial setup as a foundation of our brand and helped our business to take off from there.

Digital Marketing For Boutiques
Magic Weavies

Being an ecommerce clothing line, LGS helped us a lot with the digital marketing side of it. In a minimum budget, they laid a great foundation for our brand to grow on and flourish.

Retirement Homes Digital Marketing
The Chennai Homes

Let’s Goo Social are innovative and creative in their ways. We are happy with their work and as a digital marketing agency, they have proved to us that they are truly a results-oriented company.